Welcome to Rocket Meals

We are a local pair of lads that were disappointed to find out the City Council had removed all meals on wheels services without putting any real provision in place. We spent a long time talking about how awful it was and that someone should do something. How will all these elderly and infirm people survive if they have no family? Not to mention how indebted we are to most of them. In the end, we decided we should do it. We decided to be the change we wanted to see in the world. So after 3 months of testing food, agreeing suppliers, jumping through all the red tape, we are ready to serve the city. We do this as our way of giving something back. With margins of a few quid per meal delivered we are never going to make a fortune, hopefully just enough to cover fuel and the drivers time. Otherwise everything else will go back into the business. Help us to help your local community.